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Linux Kernel (v4.4)

Source File:mm\mmap.c Create Date:2016-01-14 12:33:49
Last Modify:2016-01-11 07:01:32 Copyright©Brick
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Function Name:remove_vma

Function:static struct vm_area_struct * remove_vma(struct vm_area_struct *vma)

Return Type:static struct vm_area_struct *


Type Parameter NameRemarks
struct vm_area_struct * vma

Function description:Close a vm structure and free it, returning the next.

272  *next = linked list of VM areas per task, sorted by address
274  might_sleep
275  If Function pointers to deal with this struct. && close then close
277  If File we map to(can be NULL). then fput( File we map to(can be NULL).)
279  mpol_put(vma_policy)
280  kmem_cache_free(Linux kernel virtual memory manager primitives, vma)
281  Returning next
Function NameFunction description
remove_vma_listOk- we have the memory areas we should free on the vma list, so release them, and do the vma updates.
exit_mmapRelease all mmaps.