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Linux Kernel (v4.4)

Source File:kernel\fork.c Create Date:2016-01-14 10:16:39
Last Modify:2016-01-11 07:01:32 Copyright©Brick
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Function Name:copy_seccomp

Function:static void copy_seccomp(struct task_struct *p)

Return Type:static void


Type Parameter NameRemarks
struct task_struct * p

Function description:

1175  assert_spin_locked
1178  get_seccomp_filter(current process)
1179  seccomp = current process->seccomp
1186  If task_no_new_privs(current process) then task_set_no_new_privs(p)
1194  If indicates one of the valid values above for controlled system calls available to a process. != seccomp is not in use. then set thread flags in other task's structures- see asm/thread_info.h for TIF_xxxx flags available
Function NameFunction description
copy_processCreate a new process