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Linux Kernel (v4.4)

Source File:kernel\fork.c Create Date:2016-01-14 10:16:34
Last Modify:2016-01-11 07:01:32 Copyright©Brick
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Function Name:copy_io

Function:static int copy_io(unsigned long clone_flags, struct task_struct *tsk)

Return Type:static int


Type Parameter NameRemarks
unsigned long clone_flags
struct task_struct * tsk

Function description:

1044  *ioc = current process->io_context
1047  If !ioc then Returning 0
1052  If clone_flags & Clone io context then
1053  ioc_task_link(ioc)
1054  io_context = ioc
1055  Else if ioprio_valid then
1056  new_ioc = get io_context of a task
1057  If Value for the false possibility is greater at compile time then Returning -Out of memory
1060  ioprio = ioprio
1061  put a reference of io_context
1064  Returning 0
Function NameFunction description
copy_processCreate a new process