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Linux Kernel (v4.4)

Source File:include\linux\sched.h Create Date:2016-01-14 09:13:42
Last Modify:2016-01-11 07:01:32 Copyright©Brick
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Function Name:thread_group_leader

Function:static inline bool thread_group_leader(struct task_struct *p)

Return Type:static inline bool


Type Parameter NameRemarks
struct task_struct * p

Function description:

2692  Returning exit signal >= 0
Function NameFunction description
copy_processCreate a new process
__exit_signalThis function expects the tasklist_lock write-locked.
exit_notifySend signals to all our closest relatives so that they know to properly mourn us..
wait_task_zombieHandle sys_wait4 work for one task in state EXIT_ZOMBIE. We hold
__ptrace_detachCalled with tasklist_lock held for writing. Unlink a traced task, and clean it up if it was a traced zombie. Return true if it needs to be reaped with release_task().(We can't call release_task() here because we already hold tasklist_lock.)
acct_collect collect accounting information into pacct_struct
bacct_add_tskfill in basic accounting fields
select_bad_processSimple selection loop. We chose the process with the highest number of'points'. Returns-1 on scan abort.
yama_task_prctl check for Yama-specific prctl operations
task_is_descendant walk up a process family tree looking for a match
ptracer_exception_found tracer registered as exception for this tracee
de_threadThis function makes sure the current process has its own signal table, so that flush_signal_handlers can later reset the handlers without disturbing other processes
next_tidFind the next thread in the thread list. Return NULL if there is an error or no next thread.