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Linux Kernel (v4.4)

Source File:include\linux\rmap.h Create Date:2016-01-14 15:10:30
Last Modify:2016-01-11 07:01:32 Copyright©Brick
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Function Name:anon_vma_unlock_write

Function:static inline void anon_vma_unlock_write(struct anon_vma *anon_vma)

Return Type:static inline void


Type Parameter NameRemarks
struct anon_vma * anon_vma

Function description:

132  release a write lock
Function NameFunction description
vma_adjustWe cannot adjust vm_start, vm_end, vm_pgoff fields of a vma that is already present in an i_mmap tree without adjusting the tree
anon_vma_prepare attach an anon_vma to a memory region
anon_vma_forkAttach vma to its own anon_vma, as well as to the anon_vmas that the corresponding VMA in the parent process is attached to. Returns 0 on success, non-zero on failure.
split_huge_page_to_listSplit a hugepage into normal pages. This doesn't change the position of head page. If@list is null, tail pages will be added to LRU list, otherwise, to